Social Innovations Journal Workshop

ATR Networks: Leveraging the Power of Collaboration for Policy and Systems Change

November 11, 2021

Social Innovation Category: System and Policy Change via Collaborations and Collective Impact

Over the past decade, the science of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), trauma, and resilience (collectively “ATR”) has increasingly been adopted as an organizing framework, bringing people and organizations together to form cross-sector, community collaboratives (“ATR networks”). Our research indicates that hundreds of these ATR networks exist nationally, with more in the process of forming. By providing the infrastructure to a) amplify the voice of those most affected by trauma and lived experience with health and human service systems and b) facilitate collaboration among practitioners and systems engaged in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of trauma, these ATR networks are well positioned—with the right supports—to be powerful agents of change. 

Using lessons learned from Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC), a national multi-site initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this workshop will explore the many roles that ATR networks have in advocating for policy and system change and the ways in which technical assistance providers and funders can best support them. Presenters will provide a case study focused on secondary traumatic stress in the workforce from the Philadelphia ACE Task Force, a local ATR network for which HFP serves as the backbone organization and a nationally recognized exemplar among this growing movement. 


  • Natalie Levkovich
  • Leslie Lieberman
  • Clare Reidy
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