Mindful Messaging: Strategic Communications for the ACE & Resilience Movement (Webinar)

Changing communities and policies to create a just, healthy and resilient world means changing people’s minds.  Using strategic communications in your work requires you to understand how policymakers, community leaders and parents understand your messages.  If communications were as easy as tossing a Frisbee back and forth then most of our work would be done. Instead, the brain is a bit like a pinball machine. Messages go in. Sometimes they hit the right places and trigger the preferred response. Sometimes they hit the wrong spots and people are alienated and reject the messaging. Still other times, you lose the ball altogether and have to start all over again.

"Mindful Messaging" harnesses the knowledge about attitudes, social norms, and aspirations and offers guidance for applying these insights to social change efforts. It helps us consider thoughtfully who we are trying to engage, anticipate how their brains might process the messages we use, and keeps us from making predictable mistakes that hinder our efforts instead of moving us forward. And it helps facilitate two-way communication so messaging leads to useful dialogue about important issues rather than dead ends.

This webinar will walk through:

  1. How to think about audiences not just demographically (who they are), but also psychographically (why they think and do what they do).
  2. How to figure out what is at play in that mind of theirs and what messaging needs to take into account to connect with and not alienate those we want to engage in conversations about important issues.
  3. How to both gather this intel and insights and put it to work in a way that strengthens messaging efforts.

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