Making Meaningful Change—Addressing ACEs through Public Policy (Webinar)

On February 18, 2020, nationally recognized experts discussed policy and advocacy strategies on local, state, and national levels using evidence from studies they have conducted with legislators and the general public. Speakers shared advocacy and messaging "how to’s" including communicating the effects of structural racism as an ACE, fostering equity as an essential component of resilience, and leveraging the power of community-based ACE, trauma and resilience networks to inform policy.


Aditi Srivastav, PhD, MPH
Director of Research
Children's Trust of South Carolina

Wendy Ellis, DrPH, MPH
Director, Center for Community Resilience
George Washington University


Jonathan Purtle, DrPH, MPH
Assistant Professor
Dornsife School of Public Health
Drexel University


Leslie Lieberman, MSW
Senior Director, Training and Organizational Development
Health Federation of Philadelphia


ACEs Connection
Campaign for Trauma Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP)
Children’s Trust of South Carolina
Center for Community Resilience, George Washington University

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