Do-It-Yourself Strategies for Network Reflection and Evaluation (Toolkit)

This toolkit offers strategies that network members can use to evaluate their collective efforts: Logic Models & Evaluability Assessment, Social Network Analysis, and Outcome Harvesting. A definition and description, guidance on how to use it, and recommended participants are provided for each tool. We offer a key tips and resources to further guide the work.

To read more about Westat's cross-site evaluation and access the full reports, visit our MARC 1.0 Initiative webpage.



This toolkit was developed by Debra Rog, Tamara Daley, and Nanmathi Manian at Westat, in close partnership with the Health Federation of Philadelphia and MARC Evaluation Work Group members Renée Boynton-Jarrett, Ruben Cantu, Kathryn Evans, Heather Larkin, Geof Morgan, Aditi Srivastav Bussells, and Holly White-Wolfe.

Funding for the toolkit comes from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Foundation.

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